Posted by: effingwishes | April 11, 2010

As Seen On TV

Sometimes I wish I lived in the era pre-TV. Or maybe I can become like those people (one of whom I am married to) who watches next to zero television.

But I am sure if I didn’t see it on television, I would catch glimpses of it in a movie or hear it in the lyrics of a song.

It happened again today as I watched online the episode of Bones from Thursday, that I had missed thanks to my new Spin addiction.  Handsome man looks at the beautiful girl and asks, “Do you believe in Fate?”


‘As Seen on TV’ Love.

Does anyone actually, in real life, attain the level of love/attraction/bliss As Seen On TV?  Now I’m not an idiot. Foolish sometimes, but truly not an idiot. I know the difference between fiction and reality.  I know it takes teams of script writers and trained actors and staff to get that look, line, and kiss just right.

BUT doesn’t it lend something to chance that some two people somewhere actually had that connection. If it hadn’t happened at least once in the history of the world, then why would it be the focus of so many TV shows, movies, songs, books, etc?

AND if it has happened at least once somewhere – then Shouldn’t we believe in Fate?



  1. I Believe it happens!! Even if only once in your life…everyone gets at least one As Seen On TV moments.

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