Posted by: effingwishes | May 6, 2010

Having My Cake

Am I having my cake and eating it too?


Do I feel guilty about it?

Hell No.

Let me explain…

Currently I feel pretty dam good. Rocking new red highlights, hips inches smaller thanks to my new spin addiction and trying to take it day by day. This is in direct constrast to just a few weeks ago where I was on the ledge, pissed off and feeling like a big ole a-hole.

Let’s take a brief stroll down memory lane in case any of my readers are not up to speed.  =)

For the last many months I’ve struggled with the on-set of the ‘7 Year Itch.’ I recognize that in every marriage there are good days/bad days.  However I am selfish and I want the good days to outweight the bad days.  Luckily thanks to outside assistance, my husband and I are back on a better road. I feel hopefull…

told you that stroll would be short

Can one person be ‘everything’ to another? I don’t think so. I think we get close. We try very hard but there is always something just out of reach.

I am fortunate enough to have formed connections with people that completely fill my soul.  Words cannot truly express the gratitude I feel for the love in my life.

Just an update 2 weeks later… Hope can be stupid. Too much cake can hurt your tummy.


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