Posted by: effingwishes | May 12, 2010

The Song Remembers When

When fellow grade-schoolers where learning the flute and piano, my musical instrument of choice was easily the Radio. Back before being able to hit the mall for a cas-single of my latest favorite tune, I would sit close to the family radio with my older brother’s tape deck pressed up the speaker. The DJ would talk up until the last melodic moment and holding my breath, praying for silence, I would press the Record and Play buttons.

But getting the song saved onto a black and red generic-Memorix wasn’t enough. The transcription of music lyrics was inevitable. The first vivid memory of the play/ pause/write/ rewind/play/ pause fiasco was to Rhythm of the Night by DeBarge.  Since that moment, lyrics have always meant more to me than melody, tune, beat. I was amazed by the talent of writers capable of putting such great wording together that you just had to sing along and sing out loud.

The song currently playing on my IPod is – Boogie Shoes – One of my favorites since before the episode of Sports Night. “I WANT TO PUT ON MY MY MY MY MY BOOGIE SHOES JUST TO BOOGIE WITH YOU, YEAH” OK not terribly poetic but still effing fun to sing. It brings up imagery of being young and out with my friends at local dance clubs being fun and flirty.

Next up in the musical lunchtime rotation is Precious by Depeche Mode: “Things get damaged, things get broken, I thought we’d manage but Words left unspoken left us so brittle there was so little left to give.” Now this is something I can relate to.  Like picking the perfect Hallmark card, songs sometimes say exactly what we are thinking.

I could listen to music all day long.  Each song means something different. Maybe it’s the time of day or current emotional state that causes music to stir your soul.

Sometimes music is just the purest release of stress and frustrastion. Have you listened to the lyrics of Flo Rida’s “Right Round” ? It’s definitely not the 80’s version of You Spin Me that you and your mom sing! But I know every word and play it as loud as I can because it makes me giggle.

And guess that’s the heart of the matter.  So I will put in the earbuds, listen to Raindrops, and let it warm my soul.

Hold my hand lets chase the sun
We both know something’s begun
Nothing feels that real without you
Wanna learn so much about you

Shining star I’ve seen your face
Everything falls into place
Nothing else seems to matter
You bring me to life!



  1. i could not agree more about music. i love when a song from the seventies when i was a little wee (and Abba for instance was chart toppers)hits me and i find if i focus my attention on the recall i can recall something vivid about my childhood which, so long as its a ‘nice’ illumination, can set my day into a serene space of good feeling.

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