Posted by: effingwishes | June 3, 2010

Beige Corolla

Imagine if God (or whomever you believe in to be your Higher Power) came up to you and said –

I realize I’ve been kind of a dick to you lately. So sorry for the crappy year/months/weeks. I have a proposition for you – How about I offer you a life comparable to a Beige Corolla. I can promise you no more highs, no more lows.  Dependably average. Til you die.

Would you take it?

While I’ve had it for the most part with the extreme lows and could really use a fricken extreme high – I think I would have to pass on the offer. Spending the rest of my life in average contentedness seems slightly awful. I mean I could use a week of it or maybe 2 every 6 or 9 months – but always?


I love sitting in a movie theater surrounded by strangers and having a good cry. I love smiling and laughing as I throw my godson into the air (and say a slight prayer I don’t drop him.) Hysterical laughter and sobs are just all part of the life package.

I couldn’t live life like a Beige Corolla.

But that’s just me.


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