Posted by: effingwishes | July 24, 2010

Seeking Serenity

If Life can be fixed by placing a want ad and having the universe reply, what would your want ad say?

Seeking Serenity. I’m not looking to furnish a home or auction my own belongs on Craigslist. What I am looking for is some serenity.  A little bit of peace when i lay my head down to sleep. Would be willing to work out some type of payment plan. Drama need not respond.

Something tells me that isn’t likely to reach fruition any time soon.

It’s currently 7:38 on a Friday evening. Most of my coworker friends have been texting me since 5:15 from Happy Hour. My husband is home doing his best Eeyore impersonation. I am at work. But since my iPhone/WordPress app aren’t playing nice and my laptop isn’t playing at all! I thought I would just ramble a little. Aren’t you glad? It has been too long.

I booked myself a vacation today. A few days in sand and sun! Massage to be scheduled. Packing wine, a loaf of bread, jars of Peanut Butter and Jelly. What else does a girl need?! I can hardly contain myself!! Hopefully the time to myself will help balance out the questions in my head. Or at least if nothing else, distract me for a few fabulous days.


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