Posted by: effingwishes | July 28, 2010

The Journey: Getting Here

Seven hours and hundreds of miles later, I’m in Traverse City. Day started with the hug and kiss from the husband and tidings of safe journey. I almost didn’t bring my wedding ring. I haven’t worn in it I don’t know how many weeks/months. But I put it on a chain around my neck. After all isn’t that one of the questions I hope to answer?
Having settled into my room, I open the bottle of Pinot. Mmm nothing like a good glass of wine out of hotel styrofoam.
There wasn’t much room for deep thought on the drive up. Started with Pink’s Glitter then blaring my favorites, thank goodness for Sirius and 80’s on 8’s. Wayward thoughts drifted in as I stared at familiar highway exits. If the roads we were on could be so clear…. Anyway… After some of my favorites, and by the way – Love is truly a mix tape. I put in my new audio book- don’t look down. So far so good. It helped keep the thoughts at bay and focus on the pending waters.
So here I am back to my cup of wine. Soon I’ll walk over to the East Bay to read a bit before coming back to shower and look like a girl. There is a film festival in town so I’ll head to the west side of the bay for dinner and watch Finding Nemo under the stars. Seems fitting since I journeyed here to find me.


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