Posted by: effingwishes | July 29, 2010

Dining Alone

Sitting at a small table in the bar section of FireFly. There is a very animated table at my 11 o’clock. Bartender is mixing me up a Buttery Kiss and mmm it is indeed! My biggest concern is 4 verses 8 ounces of the fillet.
Text message comes in to distract my train of thought. The small martini went down faster than melting ice cream. I’ll get a glass of Shiraz to go with dinner. The animated table has cleared out and the women in front of me just asked for their check. The older gentleman by the windows is making sure he clears his plate. I won’t be surprised if he licks it! Gross. I should have ordered what he was having.
Outside on the patio, in front of me threw the window are two well dressed men. One in a suit and one enjoying his glass of Pinot. The suited man has a sunburnt face. The other gentleman is slightly balding. I wish to was closer to hear what they were discussing. Their wives? Work? Potential business deal? Hmmm more interesting than me blogging thru a solo dinner I bet. But my dinner and Shiraz have arrived. Another awesome solo day seeking serenity.


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