Posted by: effingwishes | August 1, 2010

Now What?

In 12 hours the scramble to prep for work will begin. Usually this thought throws me into a tizzy of anxiety. Tonight I take a deep breath, but not to big since I’m still so stuffed from Lauryn’s post Christening lunch. All that fills my senses is the burning Sandalwood candle.

After almost 4 full days of bliss, I feel like the serene feeling in my soul is slipping away like sand. Other than the baggie filled of sand, what do I have to hold on to? Do I work on my meditation skills? Pretend to count waves when I feel like I’m back to drowning?

One thing I’m thinking of trying is buying a turtle sandbox. I can come home, pour a glass of wine, and spend some time with my feet in the sand.

Having come home from my trip, my husband says “Well I’m glad you enjoyed Western Michigan as this gives us more places to visit together.” Hmmm. And just like that (like most things) he’s turned my happy place into all about him. Fuck.


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