Posted by: effingwishes | November 7, 2010

Thoughts on Frosting

Recognizing it’s been awhile, just felt the need to ramble. I think I need to rethink the new blog as I hadn’t posted since I thought to break out the Oh My Pie journey.
Daylight savings has ended. It’s 5 and getting dark. Coupled with 30 days until I turn 36 and getting over a head cold, I think it’s safe to say the Winter Funk is approaching with Gusto!
Which brings me to thinking about Frosting.
Cake is delicious anyway you slice it. But what really matters is the frosting. It’s … well The frosting on the cake, just to call out an obvious and popular reference. It’s not just about the look: smooth or textured, piped or rolled. It’s about the type: whipped cream, butter cream, powder sugar glaze… Frosting can sweeten a dried or funky cake or it can accentuate a perfectly moist cake with a perfect frosting combo.
Although I cant seem to get a firm hold on happiness, I can view my surroundings in terms of frosting. Am I being a topping just for the sake of topping? Am I being way to sweet for no reason at all? Can I find that right balance?


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