Posted by: effingwishes | January 6, 2011

What ?!#%

I want to say I’m giving this positive for the New Year crap a real fighting chance. Then he has to go and say What?!
It was a long day today. In trying to work on an all-consuming prospect, I’m neglecting my clients something awful. Shaky from not eating lunch I make it thru meetings until 3. A vending machine dash and scary fridge save of a yogurt that surprisingly wasn’t yet expired, and woohoo! Sustenance for me! Then after 8 pm when I finally left I stopped at McyDs to inhale fries and nuggets. Bad. Bad. I end up with the hiccups and yacking into the bag. Oh Swell.
Get home where the man of the house is in bed reading a book that I truly believe he’s read no less than 50 times. After my recap of my day, he says something like we worked the same amount f hours today. Um neat but your job is easy and a drunk frat boy can do your job.
Really I am going to get to the point 🙂
So I go to leave the room, say I was taking 2 misc pm tablets and calling it a day. I go to grab his toe – he has feet issues. Yes I’m annoyed enough to tell the Internet world he doesn’t like his feet touched or looked at it. He moves his feet away. Fine. So I go and put a finger on top of his head, ear, arm… Til I’m told to cut it out, “This is called Channeling.”
Seriously?! “Yeah that never happens in this house.” A-hole.
I recognize this was just a rantfest to keep me from changing my FB status to: if your not going to be supportive just shut your face.
But that didn’t seem like a positive thing at all.
So looks like I’ll still be an asshole in 2011 after-all.



  1. Sometimes we need to be a holes! Xo

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