Posted by: effingwishes | March 27, 2011

Quiet Happiness

Sitting in a totally cute, contemporary suite 3 hours from home And I feel Good. The room is reminiscent of a friends old Loft in the city. High ceilings, exposed brick and a cute fireplace. Sure it’s not wood burning but relaxing nonetheless.
I shouldn’t be here. This trip is fiscally irresponsible of me. But I don’t care. Dinner was a lovely mix of Trader Joes bruschetta (yum!!), cheese, sausage and crackers paired with a nice petite Shiraz. Brought my own stuff so I wouldn’t be tempted to splurge.
Walked alittle thru the main street here in Saugatuck. Cute town. Can’t wait to see it in the summer. Maybe I’ll be able to afford to get 2 rooms and take mom and dad out.
Been spending most of the evening reading. I wanted to enjoy the quiet and find the smile that has been missing for so long now.

I know as an adult, rapidly approaching 40, I have no business in indulging in my RunAwayFromHome fantasy. This was completely what I had done. And I don’t care. One of the fundamental rights of adulthood is making your own decisions, stepping on the path to happiness. I’ve taken wrong turns. I’ve sighed right when I should have taken the slow turn to the left. Oh well. It’s all apart of the journey of life.
And I think this Spring, my journey will lead me closer to Happy.
It effing better!!

*written at the Bella Vida Spa & Suites, Sunday March 13th, just not published.


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