Posted by: effingwishes | March 31, 2011

House Sitting

In or around probably last October, a coworker was playing her son’s Make A Wish trip to Disney. She wondered what she was going to do with her children’s pets. Enter me, disgruntled and disheartened, Hell I’ll do it. A week living in Lockport? It would be no big deal.
I was surprised by some of the folks at work so looked all weird and surprised. It’s a week and more importantly, who cares?
I had remembered to tell my husband a few months ago. He was less than happy but since I don’t ever ask permission, what could he do but deal with it.
It’s been a few days and the pups and I are definitely better acquainted. I was a bit worried about the turtle tho. He was just pretending to be dead. It’s all ok.
I’m loving this serenity so very much. Just time to myself to be alone with my thoughts.
Soon it will be time to draw the Tower Card. Will I have the strength to deal with the chaos and fall out?


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