Posted by: effingwishes | June 13, 2011

Life Plan – Part 1

I need a plan.

This has been evident for a while. Especially since people have been asking me for years now – What is your plan? And I stare back at them blankly wondering what is for lunch (dinner, breakfast, you get my drift.)

So the plan formulation – I pulled out the trusty box of notebooks and then thought No, I should keep this digital.  If it’s blogged – its action and I am accountable. And isn’t it better to have these random thoughts intermingled in the great world web? Yes stalling on the life plan with hyperbole.

Let’s start with what I know for a life inventory of sorts. Figure you can’t have a plan without knowing where you’ve been, right?  (See millions of dollars spent at the movies does pay off)…

  • I’m 37. Possibly 36. definitely older than 35 but not quite 40. When did keeping track of age become so darn impossible? Ok so inventory may contain more… assumptions … rather than facts.  Assumption that I am 36 with less than 180 days until I am 37.
  • I have been involved with my husband for roughly 10 years and married for over 7 1/2 years.
  • I have felt that I didn’t want to be married anymore for well over a year and half – possibly as much as 3 years
  • I told my husband I wanted a divorce 46 days ago. The day after our 10 year “dating anniversary.” – To my defense I don’t see how when you started dating really matters. I fully expect that apathy to bite me in the arse in my future.
  • I have been sleeping on the couch for over a month.
  • I desperately need a chiropractor.
  • If I could quietly slip out the door and hop the first circus train thru Aurora,  I probably would.

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