Posted by: effingwishes | October 20, 2011

Life Plan – Part 2

So since we last saw of heroine, have you wondered how she’s been and how she’s doing? Has she joined the circus after all?

Well I didn’t join the circus but I did move out of my home and filed for my divorce. While my current living situation isn’t stellar, it’s fine enough. Work is slow and that is an appealing change of pace from the high anxiety land I lived in before.

I’ve been able to focus on spending lots of time with my new niece Lily, my family and friends, spin and wine. It’s been a good journey so far!

Sometimes I get lost in thoughts of ‘Wasn’t I worth fighting for?’ when I think of all my past relationships. But I guess truthfully I was – I was and continue to fight for me: My Happiness, My Resilience, My Future filled with Love. I’ll fight for me.


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