Posted by: effingwishes | January 20, 2012

New Year, New Start

Court Day one – came and went…

Birthday – came and went…

Divorce Court Day – came and went…

Christmas – came and went…

New Year’s – came and went…

And now there are 51 days until we turn the clocks forward for Spring.

At least there’s Spring to look forward to.

Work is picking up and I’m getting into a nice groove. Spinning as much as I can. Drinking as often as I can. Enjoying time with friends every chance I get. Working on writing more. Maybe by Year End, Why is there Never any Cake in the Fridge, will be in some condition for you to read. I hope it turns out to be as funny as it is in my head.

I’ve gone out on a couple of dates since we’ve last chatted. Lots of angst and emotion. First was a Wow I’m not ready for this. The Second was more Wow he’s not ready for this. But it’s nice to know that there is interest out there in little ole’ me.

My living arrangement has changed again but this time it’s amazing. Who would have guessed I’d turn out to be Uncle Jesse from Full House when I grew up! My family is truly amazing and wonderful and they make me feel so blessed. Plus being around to make sure Lily doesn’t turn out as quacky as the other two is a complete bonus!

It turns out that the hardest part isn’t that there aren’t GoodNight Kisses anymore. The hardest part right now is that there is no one to ask me How was My Day? I have all sorts of interactions with people throughout the day, but the How Are You, is truly what my soul misses the most.



  1. We are not quacky! 🙂 Creeping on your blog. I like it. Preach it sister. Holla!

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