Posted by: effingwishes | March 4, 2012

It’s a Pro-Cess

Although I’m obviously not Canadian, it makes me giggle beyond measure when I hear my Canadian friend say “process” because of the way he enunciates the PRO-cess. Should it matter at all? Of course not, we all say things with a variety of accent and pro-nonciaton. Are you wondering yet what the relevance is? Sheesh, give a rambling girl a second will ya!

Anyway, I am very quick to forget that life’s lessons are typically a slow process. I want to feel better NOW. I want to connect again with someone NOW. I want to be loved NOW. I want to care for someone NOW. I need to calm the effing heck down!!! I need to take a breath and remember the process of time and healing. Otherwise I’m going to sink down a hole of ick that I can’t fathom climbing out of.

I’ve been feeling “selfish” for moving on. I was reminded today that it’s not Selfish – It’s Self Focus. It’s time for me to find my peace and become happy with who I am as an adult.

So I will get back to this prOcess and see what fun and mischief I can get into along the way! I hope you’ll join me!


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