Posted by: effingwishes | March 11, 2012

Letting go – a plant life?

Eleven years ago, an older woman drove her car into my bank office. When the new wall was completed, my friend and then bank manager, gave me a plant. It grew long and green on my desk corner. A little curmudgeoned bank patron later told me that this plant was un-killable, that if I did kill it, I should never grow anything ever.

I didn’t want this woman and her hex to be correct. So I trimmed off Thirsty’s leaves, let re-root and replanted… Over and over of the past 11 years.

Now the version I have left is barely holding on. I’m in desperate need of potting soil which walmart and target do not sell in Chicago in January and February.

I have 1 piece in a stryraphom cup watching new roots sprout.

My ex-husband and I started dating shortly after this plant came into my life. Last night, or more accurately this morning since it was after midnight, I was reminded that no matter how hard we try to make things easier on one another – we continually fail. Our time in each other’s life’s has gone its course.

I can’t help but wonder if holding onto this plant is somehow still part of the holding on process. Do I treat it as one of the many reminders of our failure or keep it out of that mix and look at it as it is – a plant who just wants a home. Another creature looking for growth?


March 27th Update. Thirsty’012 has been repotted.




  1. Put it in water and it will have roots…it will be a reminder that life goes on…just that…and the past is just the past…to be reminded of the good things…and let go of the rest…

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