Posted by: effingwishes | March 19, 2012

Reasoning (lack off)

We’ve all done it – sat watching some movie watching the idiot walk into the dark basement when we know they know the killer is there – we holler Don’t Do It! Turn Around! Go Back! We know we would never be stupid enough to walk alone in the woods on a full moon. We would hear that serial killer theme music! Our spider-sense would be in high gear.

But that’s easy enough when we see someone Else’s life unravel before us. Someone Else.

Why is that reasoning so hard to recognize in ourselves? We hear the “Danger Will Robinson! Danger!” But we tell Robot it’s ok, we know better.

We don’t.

Our brain’s have amazing capacity for reason. We can think and process and rationalize. We can see the bright side and the long right road.

Then our hearts interfere.

Our heart wants what it wants. There is no rationalization. There is emotion and longing. There is love.

No matter how loud our brain shouts “Danger Will Robinson! Danger!” we ignore it. We have to. We are compelled to. Our brains have been wrong before after all.

So reasoning be dammed. I’ll hold onto what the heart wants… for a little bit longer.


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