Posted by: effingwishes | March 23, 2012

Smart Girls Gone Stupid

First I do not want anyone reading to think that I am chastising them for this behavior, I’m not. I am merely frustrated with a state that we let ourselves excel in. I am guilty of this. HUGELY Guilty of this. I have turned myself inside out for decades over boys, men, fools. I lose my mind just as easily, if not easier.

What I can’t understand is the Why of this behavior. Why do we let ourselves be second to everyone else? Why is acceptable for us to make sure the current object of our affection is happy and satisfied all the while we leave ourselves open to disappointment?

I think deep down we know that anger and frustration have let us settle. And Settling makes everything so much worse and harder. Because of this, we are stuck in the sand pit. This is no ordinary sand pit. This sand pit is made up of low-self-esteem particles, words spoken in anger, misguided frustrations and sadness. It becomes the sand pit we believe we deserve.

Under no effing hell circumstances do we deserve this! We do not deserve the sand pit and the settling. We have got to find the strength to believe in all we are worth.

And this shouldn’t mean that there isn’t someone out there worthy of the love and caring you give. There is no reason to give up on love because of fools who break our hearts.

If you don’t have the strength to yank yourself out of the sand pit, for the love of god, know that your friends will give of their strength. We will claw thru the dirt and help you find your way out. There are no I told you so’s, there is only love and understanding because everyone has been there.

Just have some faith in yourself. Have some faith in your friends. Just have some faith.



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