Posted by: effingwishes | March 24, 2012

Fave Girlie Moments


This post is one I hope to continue adding to throughout the spring and summer.

I had a moment a little bit ago that made me laugh out loud and to be completely glad to be a girl. As these things continue to happen, I’ll update this. I hope you’ll add you’re favorite moments to the comments as well!

So here I was… end of the day… got to enjoy several Chocolate Martini’s with one of my fave gal pals. Got home and started to get ready for bed. Toss off the Friday work attire when I realize I am going dancing tomorrow. Tomorrow. A Saturday. No chance of me being anywhere near the office. The office where I have 4 or 5 pairs of shoes. Including my most comfy black wedges (now that it’s spring and my toes are post-pedicure), new low pumps purchased for the misguided tango adventure, and my heeled boots.

I remember the wine colored heels are under the bed. Heels that I haven’t worn in eons but I am at least 10-15 pounds lighter since last time they hurt my feet so that has to account for something. So I put them on and start walking around my room.

Now I haven’t actually finished getting ready for bed. So there I am .. bra, panties and wine heels. I don’t match At All!! Not a man in any kind of radius to appreciate the silliness. But I so love being a Girl. I highly doubt you will find a guy walking around in his skivies trying to decide what shoes don’t hurt his feet to dance in.

Just sayin’.


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