Posted by: effingwishes | March 28, 2012

Fine line of Interest

There seems to be a growing fine and grey line between being interesting and being interested. This growing grey line is effing exhausting and annoying.
About 2 months ago, after too much wine, I went “online”. Yeah for Free Dating sites! While the first go arounds proved to be fun, stressful and smooch-free, I figured this was a right of passage in this day and age.

Meeting with men virtually would just have to do until my Grocer’s Freezer Section Fantasy came true. (What Grocer Freezer Section Fantasy, you ask? – Go rent My Blue Heaven.).

The frustration with virtual chit chat is how do you juggle being interesting but not babbling, witty but not dry, flirty but not desperate? How do you keep someone you think could be interesting interested? Do you strike up conversations with someone because they think you are interesting when you know you aren’t interested? And when interest fades how do you just chalk it up to letting go of a pen pal without falling apart?

See what I mean?! Exhausting!!

I know that my personal value will not diminish because conversations end.

And yet sometimes I get lost in the grey – wanting to be interesting, longing to be interested in.

The March 27th horoscope from the ABC News App: What is happening may seem negative, but it need not necessarily be bad. Archers just have to get into hard-working gear. Sadly, you can’t leave all the chores to someone else. You do not find it easy at the moment to get close in intimate situations, since you are holding part of yourself in reserve and can feel rather mistrustful. You are wary of changing, yet clearly you need to try.

Stupid grey lines!


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