Posted by: effingwishes | April 11, 2012

Trust Me

I talk a good game.

I act a bit foolish sometimes to see if I can get a laugh.
I wonder how long will it take for the self-destruct alarm to go off and count to zero.
I believe with all my soul in 1 thing but can maintain conviction in the other so I don’t have to fight about it. Your perceptions are not any better than mine. But I have been truer to my soul than most. I will F’k it up more times than not but trust me, for as pig-headed and foolish as I can be – I’m not a fool. I will crumble and cry and spit and swear – but I stand on my own 2 feet and I’ll get it done.

If there is a douchebag or 2 in my future then well it happens and I’m sure it’s deserved. But by the end of my journey I’ll find him. I’ll make everyone blind by the shine in my eyes and the happiness I’ll find.
When it happens, when I’m his forever, I won’t apologize for the happiness I get. I won’t apologize for this time in between either. It is what it is. I can stand by and silently cry, kick the ground and pout. Or I can give every day a fighting chance.

If you won’t fight with me, get out of the effing way.


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