Posted by: effingwishes | May 3, 2012

Deal With It!

What ever happened to taking responsibility for the shit-pile you’re standing in??
Roads aren’t usually paved with easiness and chocolate. Hell, if you know where that road is – POINT ME TO IT! You know how much I love a road trip.  But we are on the roads we travel because of our actions, our decisions.

If it’s all going to hell then Change your road!  Bitching about it does not qualify as an Action.

I am not unsympathetic I swear!

I have wandered along the wacko-road and stood sputtering and muttering and pouting and raging! I am there A LOT, I know what you are going through I swear it.

But since I have been there, and I know I am fighting everyday to be better and stronger, that I get so angry and frustrated.  I hate that we don’t trust ourselves or believe enough in our power.

It’s easy to complain and figure this is the hand you’ve been dealt.  That’s also bullshit and a copout. It’s not your destiny  or karma.  It’s your chance to Improve.

 Come On People! Get it together! Deal with it!




  1. Your sign on here is PERFECT! I want it blown up into poster size, framed and I am going to hang in on my wall! 🙂 You always impress me and bring a smile to my face. Thank you for that.

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