Posted by: effingwishes | May 14, 2012

Extensions of Family, Extension of Self

When you least it expect it, people come into your life and they bring along their family members! And that extension of family and friendship truly help fill in the gaps of that crazy puzzle that is my life.

I’ve said it before, I’m very fortunate to have an amazing and supportive family. They let me be cool Uncle Jesse in the basement and don’t give me (too much) grief when I need to have a dinner of Vodka and Cookies. I also have some super awesome friends. They have a variety of backgrounds and our interactions truly do not get dull!

It is completely amazing when you can spend time with the friends you love and their family welcomes you in as if you were always a part of them, seemingly always as important to them. It doesn’t matter that we were strangers a week ago or a year ago. It doesn’t matter if I planned to be a silent ant on the wall, eavesdropping on their family fun without being in the way. I was taken in, I was listened to, I was loved. It’s the briefest of moments, a smile or hug, a little acknowledgment that we are a part of each others lives now.

Sure I spend more time out now than before But I am meeting the most interesting people and getting to know myself better in the process. It’s no different than taking the time to love the relationships that grow thru the hard work and time I put in at SpinClub. I am rediscovering that surrounding myself with strong people who diligently work everyday to be better is really the best way for me to see my own growth and strength.

I am truly blessed to know some of the most amazing people! I can only hope that I’m making a fraction of the difference in their lives that they make in mine.


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