Posted by: effingwishes | July 27, 2012

Intuition – Use it or Lose It?

What if our intuition was on a limited reserve, like our precious natural resources? What if every time your intuition felt slighted because you ignored it, it started to fade until there was nothing left? If we knew we only had so much of our intuition to use and listen to, would we work harder at listening to it? Trust ourselves when our guts tell us to go left rather than right? Stand firm in our conviction when we know with all our soul that we are on the right path?

I used to think my intuition had gone to lunch with a friend and had gotten lost on it’s return. Or maybe it was accidentally thrown away with my Chuck Taylor’s after my college graduation. Although I’m not one to focus too closely on the past, I feel like most of my 20’s was an intuition free-zone. I was totally coasting on ‘I hope this doesn’t bite me in the ass’. In hindsight, most of it did.

My intuition and I have worked out most of our communication kinks. While I still sometimes question it, I’ve come to accept how intregal she is in my life and how much better I am when I stop and listen and believe in myself and my choices.

Don’t confuse my general sense of whimsy with impracticality. Yes I have made bad decisions. Yes my need for shenanigans sometimes isn’t the best for me. Yes I have regrets, but only two. Three if you count that one time where I… Never mind.

I’ve been spending some considerable time really trying to understand where my life should be headed. Trying to understand how to expand my happiness in my personal and work life. Wanting to listen to my intuition when we are in agreement that I may have found my next home.

I wasn’t in Nashville long but there was something about being there that felt RIGHT.

From the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau website: “You know when you hear a great tune and you can’t get it out of your head? Nashville is like that – once you hear its song, you’ll never want to leave!

Chicago houses my family, my friends, my work. I know how to get to point B from A, and I have Google Maps for the points in between. I can frolic with my girls. Have amazing Waffles on a Saturday morning or rumchata shots at night. Breakfast and pedicures have soul healing properties. Enjoy movies and drinks with my fave fellow and his pup. I have my favorite pizza and Thai places marked in my Grub Hub app and can be there from anywhere in 25 minutes.

My soul lightens when I hold Lily, when I detangle Bella’s hair, or imagine the man Alex will become when he’s older. Can I go back to being hours away from my family?

When I close my eyes, take a deep breath and listen to the song in soul, I know I have my answer…




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