Posted by: effingwishes | August 6, 2012


I used to be a phone person. I remember before phone’s became cordless, I would slide the cord under my parent’s door and sit on the floor of the bedroom. I’d talk to the friend’s I just spent all day with.

Then with College came Email. Wonderful! Fast! Email! Sure we would still mail pages of letters and cards but email was awesome. I could catch up with mom about all of the excitement in Dubuque and email long rambling messages to friends. No postage required.

And as technology advanced we rolled with it. We became texters. Fingers moving at the speed of thought. Texting with my Razr was like advanced morris code. I knew what number went with what letter and could send off a g’morning or ah hell going 2b l8 message in a flash.

Talking on the phone became a nuisance. Running through the ‘how’s it going’ um… well… like.. became a painstaking event. I rarely talk on the phone now. And when I have to make a personal call, I dread it. I’m a rambler! Who knows how fast a 3 minute phone call can cascade into 30 minutes of Can You Believe I… I want to call you, I want to hear your voice but I assume I will sound awkward or take up your time so I avoid it. Which by the way is a total handicap when you’re trying to date and get to know someone.

Texting is safer. Good day? Thinking of you. Don’t you want popcorn with realfakebutter? MARTINI.NEED.NOW!!!

Thought comes in, fingers type, send… and out into the universe it goes….

Then I wait… And wonder.

Part of the trouble in texting is the speed of delivery but not everyone replies at the same speed. Not everyone shares my addiction. Not every text gets a reply.

So if you know there is the possibility that your message will go unanswered, do you still hit send? Do you look at the phone and wonder?

Are you strong enough to send the message and not let the reply, or lack of, define you?

I don’t know if I am strong enough sometimes. I want to hit send and know that if there’s a response, there’s a response. If there isn’t that’s fine. But fine isn’t always enough, it doesn’t stop doubt. Either way I still have to hit send because who knows, maybe at that moment I thought of you, you were thinking of me.



  1. I thought of u 2day and hope UR having a gr8 day! 🙂

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