Posted by: effingwishes | October 10, 2012

Real Estate

Before we take up residence in any new home, there seems to be an awful lot of hoops to go through: Applications and fees, referrals or reference checks. The process takes time and always has a cost.

And yet we give away real estate in our brains like we have all the space in the world to rent!

We allow people and events to take up valuable real estate in our minds and hearts without an application or credit check. At this point I would settle for a reference or referral!

All of this space gets wasted on drama and idiocy.

It’s time to take the space back. I’m evicting the drama queens, the asshats, and the one-hit-wonders. I’m done carrying around memories and thoughts regarding people who aren’t worth it.  This way I can keep my brain and heart filled with only people, thoughts and experiences that make me better, happy and strong.


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