Posted by: effingwishes | November 14, 2012

A Musical Interlude

I blame a childhood of listening to too much Dr Demento, but sometimes when I am bored I make up silly songs. I thought I would share a couple as today’s NaBloPoMo post.

To the tune of Oh Christmas Tree…
Oh Muffin Top, Oh Muffin Top,
Hanging O’r my Belly
Oh Muffin Top, Oh Muffin Top
Blamin’ PB & Jelly

This little ditty was written with the assistance of my darling BW. Yes it took 2 of us for this one.
On top of ole smokey…
All covered with Queso…
I tripped over a donkey…
And he charged me a Peso.
He took my last Peso…
And placed it Aside…
And now my poor Donkey….
Won’t give me a Ride.

To the tune of White Christmas
I’m dreaming of a Chocolate Martini
Just like the ones I used to Drink
Or a glass of Bourbon
or a Cosmo that’s Urban
Or anything with Vodka that’s Pink.


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