Posted by: effingwishes | November 22, 2012

Gobble Gobble Bah Humbug

I’m failing at this blog a day challenge. But I’ve been introduced to some great NaBloPoMo bloggers so for that I’m grateful.

With it being Thanksgiving and all, I did want to send out a cyber thank you to all my friends and loved ones who read my rambling, listen to my angst, raise their glasses with mine, and laugh at my monkey joke.

My office communicator usually starts documenting the days until Christmas after Labor Day. It’s a date to count down to. The reactions from people is usually pretty humorous. But I’ll let you in on a secret… I effing hate the holidays. I’m not a fan of Christmas. The zillion commercials of the Black Friday sales. Texts about Cyber Monday deals. I don’t care about any of the shopping crap. Christmas Trees lit and decorated always look so pretty but all the memories from across the decades, just make me sad.

I love giving loved ones gifts but we have so much already, and I never plan right, that I usually feel like a slacker. Although I did manage to buy my family’s Christmas gifts back in September! I’m so inconsistent.

There’s a scene in my favorite New Year’s Eve movie, 200 Cigarettes, where Eric rants about how he hates the holidays, hates how they are all bunched together. I can completely relate!

I’m hoping a birthday Vegas weekend will help de-BahHumbug my general December attitude. I don’t know if I would feel better about the holidays if I had someone to share the festivities with but even when I did, I still disliked the holidays. Maybe it wasn’t the right time. All I can do today is be grateful for a roof over my head and loved ones to share the table.

I did win the wish-bone pull against my brother so maybe my wish will come true. Perhaps Love and I will become acquainted again and next year’s Thanksgiving dinner will be held in Nashville. Here’s to wishing…


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