Posted by: effingwishes | December 20, 2012

A Year Later

It’s hard to not over think about the last year. I know the holiday season makes most people nuts. I’m no exception and probably spend more time nuts than most. But everyone needs a hobby. It’s not the Holidays that keeps my mind moving this month. I’m a little older. Wiser? More or Less.  Christmas comes and it goes. I give good gifts, I give shitty gifts, I don’t seem to care about the stuff. I’m sure there’s a Ghost of Christmas Present out there somewhere shaking its head at me. I love my family and my friends more than words or gifts can express so I hope that my love for them shows all year-long not just on this day and a half-holiday (since I work the 24th, I’m only counting this as a 1.5 day holiday) that takes months to prep for and zillions of commercials to listen through.

December 21st, tomorrow, (assuming the Mayan’s weren’t right) will mean I’ve been divorced a year.

So the last year… Pluses and Minuses….

Still living in the basement. More of my clothes (& shoes) saw the halls of OLCHS than I ever would have thought coming from being such a goober when I was in High School. Put another 16000 miles, if not more, on Peppermint. Saw a heck of a lot of movies, Batman Returns and Skyfall rank as my tops, even had popcorn spilt on me. Laughed ALOT in an assortment of adventures. Made it through most of the waffle menu at Waffles. Vacationed in Nashville and Las Vegas with my dearest friends. Fell head over heels in Love with Nashville and need it to be my home by this time next year. Went on a couple of great dates, went on a lot of duds, kissed handsome men, was smitten and heartbroken.  I made it on both Santa’s Naughty List and the Nice List. I questioned my strength and questioned my value. I laughed and I cried and then cried harder. More importantly, the one thing above everything is I am ready to do it all over again next year.

I will be more hopeful about 2013. I know I had a plan for 2012 and came up short but it happens. I just need to get through the next 11 days. I need to walk along the streets of Nashville, flirt with cowboys, kiss a random stranger Happy New Year when the Music Note drops and the fireworks start.  The year will end and 2013 will start off where I need to be and the stars will align to get me there for good. I’ll figure out how to pay for it later. 😉

At least I'm not the only one.

At least I’m not the only one.



  1. You are a beautiful woman Sonia. I am sure you will find your way and the right doors will open to you soon. 2012 sounds as if it has offered trials and triumphs. I hope 2013 will offer you peace and many more smiles and soul-filling bouts of laughter. Warm wishes as you greet the new year.

    • Thank you my friend!! Hopefully 2013 will also bring me a trip out to see you again. All my love!

  2. Sonia, i enjoyd reading this. 2012 was the worst 4 me, and not so wonderful for most of my friends. As you might guess, writing got me through alot of the heartache. Keep writing, it could save your life some day. it saved mine. xxooo

    • Thanks K! I need to get writing about 2013. What a turnaround of happiness and goodness. I miss you! Sending lots of love your way.

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