Posted by: effingwishes | April 30, 2013

Sleeping Soundly

I know an update on all things I’ve effing wished for is long overdue. I have several items saved in draft thanks to a longer work commute but that does little good when trapped in draft. So I will see what May Flowers can bloom alongside my blog.

I was reading entries from end of April last year… The angst and anxiety, the sadness and concern over a path I couldn’t seem to find.

I was thinking about Sleepless and how much difference time makes. While one of my favorite passages from last year, it wasn’t an emotion or feeling I miss. I haven’t had to count many sheep in the last 6-8 weeks. Here and there they pop up to Baah and bother me, but it wasn’t the everyday occurrence of me feeling like some Delinquent Little Bo Peep.

‘About Today’ has come and gone as well. I can now ask my love about today without wondering how it will affect our tomorrow.

It comes down to one holy effing shit difference between the last few months and last year – thanks to my dear friend Kathy (whose birthday is today by the way, Happy Birthday Kathy!!) and her fantastic High Heeled Girl Shindig, I met a different kind of knight and my chance at Movie Love is indeed a reality.

… I touched your hand before the crowd
Started crushin’ in
Now I’m higher than a kite
I know I’m gettin’ hooked on your love
Talkin’ to myself, runnin’ in the heat
Beggin’ for your touch in the middle
Of the street and I …

The plans to move to Nashville are off as I start settling into my new home in Joliet. I was sad to put my Steve Martin at the Nashville Symphony Center ticket up for sale on StubHub but who knows, maybe I’ll catch him here in Chicago.

Spring and the Tulips are blooming in Chicago. This means time for family and friends, nights out under the stars, concerts, wine and happiness. Works for me! And I am so tremendously grateful for the people in my life. Makes getting a good night’s rest so much better!


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