Posted by: effingwishes | December 12, 2013

Bah Humbug

I know it’s hard to believe, as I sit here in my ‘Christmas tree’ holiday sweater that I effing hate the holidays. Yes, the lights are pretty and the tunes are catchy, but every effing holiday has colored lights to string nowadays and I don’t care if You Can Hear What I Hear. Yes, the cookies are delicious and who doesn’t love Lucy pestering Linus for presents but … Good Grief!! Does Christmas really need to come every year? Wouldn’t it mean more or be more special if it was celebrated like Leap Year or every 6 years like Judge elections?

If my holiday humbug was a movie character… Would it resemble Louis Winthorpe III’s funky drunken Santa shoving turkey and biscuits into pockets? It’s surely not the optimistic and neurotic Katherine from Mixed Nuts, or is it? It would be cool if it was bad a$$ John McClane kicking the arses of all the Ebenezer Scrooges out there – but we know my bah humbug is probably closer to Sgt. Al Powell holding a twinkie.

I have had a much better 2013 than anticipated and I am so very grateful for the love and happiness. Presents have been purchased and I’ve even wrapped one or two. I was a huge hit with my Secret Santa recipient … But it doesn’t wipe away the Bah Humbug stick the holly up your nose fa la la la la la la feelings…



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