Posted by: effingwishes | December 18, 2013

Cupcakes over Crossroads

When you’re standing at the crossroads – why is it never obvious? Like a giant Pink Cupcake truck leading the way?

Would you like A slice of Cake to go with your train ticket purchase to Shitville, USA?

OF COURSE! Do you happen to have any red velvet?

Yes we Do!

Done! You know, this path through current crap is going to suck so you better toss in a German Chocolate Cake too.

I’m not saying every time you have to deal with change, or a crisis of faith, that you should run to your nearest Sarah Lee Outlet – now in a few years when O My Pie is up and functional I will strongly suggest just the opposite that you run in to my shop for pie & a cocktail – but I just effing wish being at crossroads didn’t suck.

So when you open the fridge and there is no cake, but you have someone to turn to in order to hug/cry/laugh it all out – guess that’s the silver lining to having to walk a different path than you thought. Sure the year won’t end like we thought, but we’re still together. And that’s all that matters. Love, Family, and Friendship really do make the best icing on this wackadoo life flavored cake.



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