Posted by: effingwishes | March 25, 2014

Having/Being Enough… What’s your anxiety?


It’s no shocker I like oodles of pictures on Facebook/Pinterest/Whereever through out the day. This one today, which I am sure I’ve seen before, struck a cord.

I don’t care about the past. I mean, sure it’s neat and all – but it is what it was. No need to dwell  or obsess about it. So depression on that doesn’t affect me much. Good times and wonderful adventures are like a spinning carousel and those time come and go. So do the craptastic times. It happens.

The present. Yeah. I don’t focus enough of my time and energy on the day to the day, The happening NOW.

I am overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with anxiety about tomorrow’s tomorrow. Will there be Enough? Enough of what you ask?

Will there be enough

  • Time
  • Love
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Space
  • Laugher
  • Hugs
  • Kisses
  • Milk
  • Money
  • Gas
  • Joy
  • Love (I know that’s a repeat)
  • Will I be capable of providing enough of Everything to those I love
  • Me – Will I be enough?

This is the struggle. To calm the anxiety that says, there will Not be enough. You will not be enough.

There always ends up being enough, not oodles over but Just enough – milk to get through the week, dish soap, cat food, gas, change in the pocket, orange juice (well not this week because we are already out and I’m not going to the store again, but…you get my drift.) I know there is plenty. I have abundance of love and happiness to get me through but how do you tell anxiety to shut the effing hell up so you can focus on Today being enough?



  1. This is one of my favourite posts on anxiety, a great – honest – perspective. And I agree, that’s a great quote as well.

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